Rousey vs. Cyborg: The war of words proceeds between ladies’ batemweight champion Ronda Rousey and Chris cyborg. This week in a media lunch in to advance UFC175 when gotten some information about a potential battle with his cyborg the champ had some decision words to say in regards to Cyborg. She stated: “if cyborg needs to get her rear end beat she knows where I’m at”

You can look at what else she needed to say in regards to the potential battle here through Pro MMA Now http://prommanow. com/2014/06/28/rousey-if-cyborg-needs to-come-get-her-butt beat-she-knows-where-im-at/ to-come-get-her-butt beat-she-knows-where-im-at/

You all may review that cyborg left the UFC just 24 hours after they reported arbitrary out of fulfillment medicate testing. Cyborg even tried positive for steroid utilization when she was in Strikeforce. Cyborg has additionally said it could be conceivably hazardous for her to drop from 145 to 135.

Presently let me simply say this if its soo perilous why does she continue running her mouth about Rousey… Indeed, even to a degree where she called herself a steed tamer and wore a shirt that said “Ronda Rousey is my bitch”

Love Rousey or despise her it doesn’t change the way that she’s the champion! She shouldn’t need to climb in a weight class for ANYONE. On the off chance that cyborg genuinely needs Rousey she ought to be the one trying and quit rationalizing.

Rousey is set to safeguard her title against Alexis Davis this Saturday on July fifth at UFC 175 against balanced challenges and veteran Alexis Davis. To the extent, cyborg goes she presently has an agreement with Invicta FC and with the current arrangement that Invicta arrived with UFC battle pass one can expect it won’t be long until we see cyborg in the octagon once more.

What do you folks think? Is this still a battle you’re occupied with or would you say you are over this war of words?

– Vanessa (@GreatLove91)

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